Gustonera is a remote freelance software consultation team based in Kenya. It majors in web development, mobile app development and cyber security. It is run by Gustone Alwanga, an expert software engineer.

At first it started as "just a personal website" to showcase his skills. Then just like little flame turns into a forest fire, clients started chipping in one after the other. With multiple positive reviews and numerous referrals, he was overwhelmed and had to find a team. He scouted for the finest coders and formed a small remote reliable team to ensure that you get the best service in time.

Gustonera now has a good number of clients and continues to receive more. It is just amazing and unbelieving to see a freelance firm have a good share with fully fledged dev companies. Our free secret is that we focus on what the client wants and perfect it instead of doing it "how it is always done". This is a field that requires a lion's share of creativity and fast adaptability to change.

Where to find the best programmer?

Sometimes we ask ourselves where the best programmers are. The answer could be in top freelancing sites like upwork, guru or hubstaff talent. But do they guarantee anything? It has never been that easy to find the best software developers and engineers the world has to offer.

A well-structured and user-friendly mobile app or website is a must for any successful businesses. Are you looking for a tech-savvy web and mobile app developer?. Then you are at the right place.

"My prowess in mobile app and web design & development ensures that your company has the best image for the world to see."

Who is Gustone?

Gustone is a web and mobile app development guru based in Kenya. He has been freelancing since 2018, specializing in mobile app development, web design and development and penetration testing.

All along clients from different parts of the world have been impressed with his thoroughness and efficiency.

He created this platform for the purpose of:

  • Web & app development services
  • Software Projects Showcasing
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Tech consultation

He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science as well as professional certificates from CISCO, Google and Alison

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Phone :+254 796938613

Email : me@gustonera.co.ke

Address : Kakamega, Kenya

Gustone Alwanga-mobile app and software developer