Web & Android Developer

    I develop stunning websites from simple to complex, cool web & mobile apps and ERPs


    Security Analyst

    I am ethusiastic about maintaining the security and integrity of data for any firm

  • Gustone Alwanga

    Networking Technician

    Designing, installing and maintaining computer networks, connections and cabling

“You have come to the right place if you need a website, web app or android app made for you. It's time to meet the specialist and leave generalists alone. I am gonna make you succeed in your mission to conquer the digital world.”

About Me

Where to find the best programmer?

Sometimes we ask ourselves where the best programmers are. The answer could be in top freelancing sites like upwork, guru or hubstaff talent. But do they guarantee anything? It has never been that easy to find the best software developers and engineers the world has to offer.

A well-structured and user-friendly mobile app or website is a must for any successful businesses. Are you looking for a tech-savvy web and mobile app developer?. Then you are at the right place

My prowess in mobile app and web design & development ensures that your company has the best image for the world to see.

Who is Gustone?

Gustone is a web and mobile app development guru based in Kenya. He has been freelancing since 2018, specializing in mobile app development, web design and development and penetration testing.

All along clients from different parts of the world have been impressed with his thoroughness and efficiency.

He created this platform for the purpose of:

  • Web & app development services
  • Software Projects Showcasing
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Tech consultation

He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science as well as professional certificates from CISCO, Google and Alison

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My Expertise


Vanilla, JQuery, React js, TypeScript

UI Design & SEO:

XML, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3(Bootstrap).


MySQL,PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server



Cisco Packet Tracer




  • -Proficiency in Cabling & Network devices configurations
  • -Designing and installing computer networks, connections and cabling
  • -Performing troubleshooting to system failures.
  • -Inspecting LAN infrastructure and fixing bugs

Proficiency in the following:

Linux Server Administration

Advanced Analytics

Metasploit Framework

  • -An impressive mind with excellent problem-solving ability
  • -Adept knowledge of patch management and cryptographic protocols
  • -Familiarity with risk management methodologies

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Phone :+254 796938613

Email : me@gustonera.co.ke

Address : Kakamega, Kenya

Gustone Alwanga-mobile app and software developer